Server questions.......?

Answer Yes, you should be expecting a lot of downtime. It is actually a lot more expensive and a lot less reliable to run one or a few servers than to just get a professional hosting account. Get reliab... Read More »

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Minecraft Plugin Server Questions?

Questions about using proxy server at my university?

Read this regarding free proxies…

The specified pop3 server does not appear to be a valid server name?

Hmm, You should give all the details in your question - like exact addresses of POP and SMTP servers you type into outlook settings fields. Maybe that's not the case, but here you've got the settin... Read More »

Can you put a BlackBerry Enterprise server and exhange server 2007 on the same computer?

Blackberry Enterprise Server and Microsoft Exchange Server are both programs designed for IT environments for making access to and transfer of information easier. Both may be installed on the same ... Read More »