Server Motherboard Vs. Desktop?

Answer The main difference between server and desktop motherboards is the number of central processing units (CPUs) they can accept. The other difference is the type of user each has in mind, and therefor... Read More »

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How to Replace a Server Motherboard?

A server handles and stores all of a user's computer data. It run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Given its rigorous work load, the internal components of the server can take a beating. For that... Read More »

How to Clean a Desktop PC Motherboard?

A dusty heat sink.As your computer ages, dust will build up inside of it. The intake fans suck dust in and then it collects near the vents and on the motherboard.If not removed from time to time du... Read More »

Can i install a new motherboard in my hp desktop?

The motherboard is considered the most important piece of a computer's hardware. The motherboard must match up to the rest of the components in order to install it correctly. While motherboards can... Read More »

Can I use a laptop motherboard to build a desktop?

Motherboards for notebooks are designed to fit in specially designed cases and have all the ports (USB, VGA, Audio etc) soldered direct to the motherboard. The ports and mounting points will not li... Read More »