Seriously, wtf Wikipedia doesn't know crap!?

Answer i always understood pop to mean 'popular' and green day is 'pop' to that extent. They are also punk. Their message is punk , their music is punk, they just happen to be popular.

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Is there anything wikipedia doesnt know?

Wikipedia full of crap?

No. Wikipedia is mostly a collection of resources from respectable sources outside of Wikipedia. The common claim that since anyone can edit it, it is full of crap is not based in reality. Yes, ... Read More »

Wikipedia Seriously?

they didn't let us use it as a source at my school but i totally use it when ever i dont have to site b/c its so easy. its close enough to the truth for me

Can u seriously edit wikipedia?

don't do that. it's because of people like you that wikipedia cannot be used as a legit source...and no, admins are notified when pages are changed and they check out the differences. they'll del... Read More »