Seriously.... How do feel at this moment.?

Answer Tired and hungry. And crabby.

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I am seriously depressed, I do not want to live another moment. What can I do Everything hurts?

You may have to start over. Sometimes we have to do that to learn from our mistakes. Life is too important to let anything or anyone get us down. What ever it takes to get over your depression; ... Read More »

Can you helpim pregnant about 2 months but i feel i am more than this.i feel moveing everyday.and my belly is rock soild.and big.this is my 4th child ive only missed 1 periodso can this be right?

Answer I think that you should go and visit a doctor and have a scan becayse it's possible for some women to have their normal ciclus but still be pregnant. It hapens very rarly but you never kn... Read More »

What is the term for getting seriously injured and not being able to feel the pain immediately?

I feel so weird, I can't seem to think or talk properly at the moment..?

It's probably just a state of mind as opposed to a condition. Typically, brain tumors include vomiting in the package (so, if there's no vomit, I wouldn't worry). Feeling weird is part of being hum... Read More »