Serious question: my anus is bleeding?

Answer It is important to note how long you have had this problem and how much bleeding occurs. Light bleeding that appears as bright red to pink blood that is noticed on toilet tissue after wiping as we... Read More »

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My anus is bleeding!! Help!?

Why am I bleeding from my anus?

you might have made a small tear on your anus hole. Since it was on the TP, it means you were bleeding externally, which is much better than bleeding internally. if it keeps happening everytime you... Read More »

Itchy anus.. do I have a serious illness?

The symptoms you described sound like pin worms. They are microscopic worms (adults are visible, only several mm long) that infect your gut and eat nutrients. They do cause an itchy anus, look for ... Read More »

Anus bleeding should I go to the doctor?

You haven't been getting dikkked in the asss have you? I was just checking since there is so much of that shittt going on these days. Hellll yeah, you should go get checked by a damn doctor! She... Read More »