Serious question about passing drug test...?

Answer Google these two things "Jack Price" and "drug test", you should be able to find a pdf document that he made. He was a lab technician before he got fired, and as he put it, he let out their secrets... Read More »

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I smoked weed approximately 12 weeks ago.. What are the chances of me passing a hair drug test?

Fairly good. They usually only test for a 90 period and if that was your only time, that will factor in as well.

If people are trying to find work, why are they asking about passing drug tests?

Drug testing has come about as protection to employers from costly fines, penalties and court actions. The employer is held responsible for employees' performance and the company's output and prod... Read More »

I need help passing a drug test tomorrow for the navy. Help Please?

Serious question about gas?

It could be lactose intolerance, which causes your digestive system to produce gas literally every time you eat any type of dairy product. If it is lactose intolerance, you can get an over-the-cou... Read More »