Serious question about Early Childhood Education?

Answer Hi Ghost, I'm also a student studying ECE and just completed my associate's degree last year. I had to do two practicums at sites different from ones I had worked in previously, so I understand wh... Read More »

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About Behavior Management in Early Childhood Education?

Every successful teacher has a plan for behavior management. It is simply impossible to cultivate an environment where students thrive if you do not have the tools to manage your classroom effectiv... Read More »

Things to Know About Early Childhood Education?

Early childhood education focuses on the education and development of children from birth until age 8. This is the period of time where the brain develops most rapidly, and children learn to walk, ... Read More »

Open-Ended Questions About Early Childhood Education?

Early childhood education focuses on children from birth to about six years old. The purpose of these programs is to instill in children both specific and discrete bodies of knowledge (for example,... Read More »

Can you teach in an Early Head Start with an Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education?

Hi there,I currently work as an Education Coordinator for a Head Start agency. The previous responses are correct in that state child care regulations require different levels of education for pro... Read More »