Serious memory problem!?

Answer I think just click on favorites mine makes me name the file then save, I cant believe I'm helping you (if I am) didn't you help me learn to cut and paste lol

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A serious COMPUTER problem ?

It honestly sounds like your harddrive is's not holding the magnetic charge after the computer stops sending power to it.... That's my best guess...the solution is actually kinda convient... Read More »

Serious stool passing problem?

You do not eat enough food who contain high fiber Eat lots of veggies and fruits and your stool problem would be over Also drink 4 glass of water a day

HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! serious problem?

Okay, i have a serious problem.?

Tell her your sorry, that you love her and you will accept the punishment she gave you. She is scared for you and isn't quite sure what to do. You were trying to make a cool looking mark but she ... Read More »