Serious concern about masturbation?

Answer Well when i was head of research and development, we did a study on this...and my i mean our findings say NO! that's a relief

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I'm concern about my blood sugar?

This might influence it a little bit, but after 2 hours it should be back to normal, so it could be that your body doesn't get it fast enough away, but up to 120 it's still in the range. You might ... Read More »

Girls.....why dont you talk about masturbation?

I think it's conditioning...It's something that has never been openly discussed or joked about like male masturbation. Even in this day and age it remains girls keep it private...we don... Read More »

How to Talk About Masturbation With a Friend?

Have you ever wanted to talk with a friend about Masturbation? Don't know how to start? Follow this easy steps.

At night we hear desperate cries of a child, i need to concern about it?

If you're positive its not an animal making those noises then I definitely wouldn't give up. Instead of calling the police the next day, right when you hear those cries call the police right then a... Read More »