Serious concern about masturbation?

Answer Well when i was head of research and development, we did a study on this...and my i mean our findings say NO! that's a relief

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BP of 110/30 Could this be of concern?

I have never met anyone who could hear a BP that low. I strongly suspect something was wrong with the equipment or that the cuff was the wrong size.

I have low lymphocytes of 11% . should be I concern for this?

YES! THERE ARE MAGIC PILLS! Looked through hundreds of “double-blind” studies proving PROBIOTICS increase your white blood cell count. T-CELLS. And yes I found 4 products that contain all from ... Read More »

Can children give concern?

Transgendered children are only a major concern when the adults in their life either deny what the child says they feel, or they castigate the child for feeling the way they do. The biggest problem... Read More »

What are some policies that concern youth?

Some would be voting age, obtaining a driver's license, curfews, military service minimum age for enlistment, age of consent, age to enter into a contract, age to have a medical procedure without p... Read More »