Septum after care instructions Help?

Answer - Your best bet is to clean it with sea salt soaks. I mean, if your piercer said to use soap water, then I guess it'll work okay, but sea salt is best! Just use a q-tip and dip it in the soak.- Cle... Read More »

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After-Care Instructions for a TCA Peel?

Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peels can help smooth your skin, balance your skin tone, and even out fine lines and wrinkles. TCA peels do not help much with acne scars or deep wrinkles, but some peopl... Read More »

Zamioculcas Care Instructions?

The genus Zamioculcas contains only one species: zamiifolia. Nicknamed the ZZ plant, Zamioculcas is native to the moist, tropical forests of Africa and grows to a height of 3 feet. Generally grown ... Read More »

Aloepure Skin Care Instructions?

Aloepure is the classic skin care line made by the Aloette Company. Each skin care product contains aloe vera. Aloe vera is well known for its healing properties and its ability to act as a moistur... Read More »

Care Instructions for a Spider Plant?

Spider plants, known botanically as Chlorophytum comosum, are grass-like evergreen perennials that boast attractive, long, green and white-striped leaves. Native to South Africa, spider plants are ... Read More »