September Theme Party Ideas?

Answer The long, hot summer is over; the holiday season has not yet begun. The month of September, it seems, is in limbo. So if you want to throw a party, do you have to wait until Halloween? Nope! Septem... Read More »

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Theme Ideas for the Month of September?

September is a busy month in nature and in children's lives. Children go back to school, summer fades away and harvest season begins. September themes should help teachers guide their students thro... Read More »

Preschool theme ideas for september?

fall themes. A board filled with leafs maybe a differnt kind of leaf each day of the week for a week. fruit week the next week apples bananas and so on. this would help them learn colers shapes a... Read More »

Ideas for a Six Year Old's Birthday Party in September?

Fall is harvest time in many areas, especially for cooler weather vegetables like pumpkins, apples and squash. These ideas are also crucial to a fall-themed birthday party. The cooler temperatures ... Read More »

I need any ideas for a 12 year old b-day party. I need a theme, food ideas, and game ideas!?

Well you have your theme! It should be "everything that I love to do" and by "I" I mean YOU. Have a sleepover (those were my FAVORITE type of B-day parties when I was growing up)Start it a like 5 o... Read More »