Separation Agreement Arbitrators?

Answer Separation arbitrators are alternative dispute resolution specialists. They offer a chance to settle your dispute and provide conflict resolution. These individuals act as a mediator and facilitato... Read More »

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DIY Separation Agreement?

Some states allow married couples to get a legal separation. While very similar to divorces, legal separations can be granted because the parties do not wish to get a true divorce or because they d... Read More »

Separation Property Settlement Agreement?

A separation property settlement agreement resolves as many issues relating to the dissolution of a marriage as the parties can agree to. The agreement is a contract between a married couple who is... Read More »

Canadian Legal Separation Agreement?

Prior to 1968 there was no federal law governing divorces in Canada. Legislation that was enacted in 1968 and later revised by the Divorce Act of 1985 stipulated that one ground for divorce in Cana... Read More »

What is a legal separation agreement?

A legal separation agreement is a written contract created by married couples who wish to separate, but not divorce. The agreement is a written statement of the terms of their separation and can be... Read More »