Sentence Structure Games for Children?

Answer There are three basic types of sentences: simple, compound and complex. Simple sentences contain an independent clause (that is, a subject and a verb making a complete thought). Compound sentences ... Read More »

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Preschool Games for Sentence Structure?

These games help very young children learn the abstract concept of sentence structure and grammar in an entertaining and intuitive way. They remove the boredom and pressure of rote memorization and... Read More »

Sentence Structure Games for Middle School?

In middle school, students learn the different types of sentences: simple, compound, complex and compound-complex. They also learn the components needed for each type of sentence, such as independe... Read More »

Grammar Games to Teach Sentence Structure in the Classroom?

Language games actively involve children and improve their knowledge acquisition. Because they have short attention spans, children get bored quickly; that's why teachers should keep theoretical ac... Read More »

Sentence Structure Learning Tools?

The smallest element of a written language is a letter. Put letters together and you create words. Put words together and you create sentences. Sentences are important because they express a comple... Read More »