Sensual Trigger Pressure Points in Men?

Answer Like women, men have erogenous zones located all over the body. Touching and teasing these zones the right way during foreplay can light a passionate fire. You may know which spots hit him just rig... Read More »

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What Is the Procedure of Dry Needling of Trigger Points?

Trigger points are areas of the body that are painful and may be felt as a band or a lump in the muscle. Trigger points are not associated with local acute trauma, infection, inflammation or degene... Read More »

Trigger Points in the Lower Abdomen?

A trigger point is a distinct focus of hyperirritability within a stretched and tense band of muscle. These trigger points form as a result of stress or trauma to muscles. Pain associated with trig... Read More »

Pressure on lower trigger point of the Rhomboid muscle, what do you know about it?

Yeah, my rhomboid area got messed up a few years ago, I use to ski alot am a surfer and a sailor. Ice and massages helped, took about 6 or 7 weeks for it to heal. It never really healed, but it is... Read More »

Are thumb trigger or finger trigger archery releases better?

On One Hand: Thumb Releases are SteadierA thumb release is the most common kind and always offers a steady release, while a finger release is much more touchy. If a shooter using a finger release g... Read More »