Senior Project Topics in High School?

Answer The senior project is an in-depth study of any area of interest a senior in high school might have and consider for a career path. Seniors can select almost any topic as long as it is school approp... Read More »

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Topics for Senior Projects for High School?

The high school senior project offers an opportunity to explore a topic in depth. One of the best parts about senior project is choosing that topic; most schools permit a wide range. When selecting... Read More »

High School Senior Project Ideas?

Each year, many high schools require their seniors to complete a senior project as part of their graduation requirements. Usually, the requirement is that the student work on something of importanc... Read More »

High School Senior Graduation Project Requirements?

Many high school seniors must complete a graduation project before they walk across the stage and get a diploma. The project reflects four years of study and challenges students to think beyond tra... Read More »

Ideas for a High School Senior Project That Deals With Music?

High school senior projects are an important but stressful part of a students' last year of school. Starting a project can be difficult when a student is unsure of which topic to choose or focus o... Read More »