Send my son to Kindergarten or Pre-K?

Answer Hindsight is 20/20. I will tell you my story. I was small for my age, but I was very smart. When I was in kindergarden, I was given several skills tests. To me, they just seemed like games at t... Read More »

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How do you send audio files on your iPhone when mms is turned on but the message fails to send?

Updating iTunes overwrites all previous versions but music, apps and other data doesn't get changed.

I live on the swiss-french border and want to send stuff to england for christmas. would it be cheaper to send?

EU doesn't come into it. It depends on the national carrier, and their tarrifs for international mailSwiss -…French - in French, wh... Read More »;if I send someone a comment private, does it send to their Inbox ?

If you checked the box that says "private" yes it will go into their inbox rather than on their comments page

Why do the villains only send one main monster out in a shows like super sentai or kamen rider when it would be smarter to send out more when the hero has been causing them problems?

iam lazy to answer this q ask wikipedia thank you and sorry