Semiformal Hairstyles?

Answer Dinners out, the theater, dances and other occasions require semiformal hairstyles. While these events do not require a stiff and professionally created updo, they do need something more than your ... Read More »

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How to Get Ready for a Semiformal?

Yay! The big night that kept you up for days! Here is how you can make the best out of your night and how you prepare.

Etiquette for a Semiformal Wedding?

A semi formal wedding is usually more relaxed than its formal counterpart. Decors are simpler, attire is less constricting, and food is less extravagant. Usually comprised of 100 people or less, th... Read More »

Definition of Semiformal Dressware?

Many event invitations and announcements call for semiformal attire. Depending on the event and the time of day it occurs, the kind of clothes required will vary. Keep certain general rules in mind... Read More »

How to Have a Great Time at Semiformal/Homecoming?

 Semi's a fun time to get together with friends, rock out, and dress up. But there are many questions: what to wear, what to shop for, or the date. Let this article be the guru to your... Read More »