Semi-Arid Desert Shrubs?

Answer Deserts are defined almost solely by the limited amount of water they contain. All plants that survive in arid or semiarid environments have adapted in ways that allow them to persist under drought... Read More »

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Desert Plants, Shrubs and Bushes?

When landscaping your desert garden, you can choose from a number of attractive desert shrubs or bushes of varying sizes and colors. Some boast colorful flowers that attract birds, while others hav... Read More »

Gobi Desert Plants & Shrubs?

The Gobi Desert occupies a remote area straddling northern and northwestern China and southern Mongolia. It is a cold desert, about 3,000 feet above sea level. Its vast area of around 500,000 squar... Read More »

Characteristics of the Topography in Arid Regions?

Arid regions are those with little vegetation and very dry climates. These areas generally receive less than 250 mm of rainfall per year. Arid regions, particularly deserts, are shaped by water and... Read More »

If you live in an area that is already known for being arid or goes through moderate to severe drought ?

I live in a desert. We use drip irrigation and mulches to conserve soil moisture. The ground is also well endowed with water holding organic matter. I think I spend more time tending the organic... Read More »