Selling mobile phone on ebay and got this reply.?

Answer Its a scam! Dont touch it! I've been sent an email recently warning about this type of scam. They originate in Africa.They want your details as identity fraud. They will take the item and the money... Read More »

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Is this a Ebay scam I feel weird about this email. i am selling iphone 4s and asking for $420.?

100% scam.There is no buyer.Notice how the scammer doesn't call what you are selling by name? He uses the generic word "it", that is because he sends the same stock copy/paste email to anyone selli... Read More »

Would you trust buying this phone of ebay?

hiya, be very care-full,my son bought one from ebay last week, it said brand new, still in box,memory card.worth £120.ans he wants £60. he got it home,as it was near to were he lives,so the man s... Read More »

How to Be Successful Selling on eBay?

So you want to be a successful seller with your own eBay business, do you? Here's a simple, ten-step path to eBay enlightenment.

Selling cameras on eBay?

I Would Sell Them As 1 Not In A Jodd Lot As People By The broken Cameras to Fix The broken Parts And Sell Them On To Get A bit Of Money In there Pocket, Coming From A Guy That Does This An I Buy Br... Read More »