Sell my camera that has no flash?

Answer good at $80 maybe?leave $40 for repair...

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What the Difference between digital camera flash and film camera flash?

Mostly trigger voltage is different.Older film flashes used higher voltages, which if used with newer digital cameras can fry the sensitive circuitry in it.A good practice to follow would be to buy... Read More »

Is there a wireless remote that triggers flash and the camera?

If you set the camera to use flash, any wireless remote will trigger camera as well as flash. The model of the remote depends on specific camera model. For most of the Nikon SLR cameras you can use... Read More »

Are there any major digital camera manufacturers that sell left-handed cameras?

All cameras can be used with the left hand. The only problem is that the subject will always be you.SEARCH and you shall see.… Read More »

Is there an app that will allowe to turn on the flash light while using the camera?

The flash unit is hardware-specific, and you have not stated the exact make and model you own.If it's an LED flash (not really a flash at all, just an LED torch) then most such phones will have vid... Read More »