Self massage site?

Answer You Tube.Keywords to use are massage therapy, back massage, shoulder massage, deep tissue massage. But the best thing I have found to self-massage is a tennis ball. Put the tennis ball between yo... Read More »

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How to do Self Massage on Hands?

Hands do a lot of hard work all day long, so it's puzzling why they are so often forgotten during massage. Somehow, it seems that a quality hand massage can relax and refresh the whole body; howeve... Read More »

How to Do a Self Head Massage?

Do you want to relax? Give yourself this refreshing head massage.

How to Do a Hot Sock Self Massage?

One great massage prop you can use on yourself or on loved one is a rice sock or a hot sock. A hot sock is easy and cheap to make and when used during a massage, releases tense muscles with low heat.

How to Use Self Massage for Cellulite?

Cellulite. We know what it is. We sure recognize it when we hit the fitting room every swimsuit season. What can we do about it? As a massage therapist; I work on women with cellulite every day... Read More »