Selecr best NIKON Digital SLR?

Answer Actually many say the D40 gives you better pictures than the D40X. In the D40 X they uipgraded the sensor but they did not upgrade the image processor until the D60. so between these I would say it... Read More »

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Best Nikon Digital SLR. (i don't have a buget :)?

The best Nikon SLR, bar price, is the Nikon D3. I own one, and I can tell you it's head and shoulders above any other Nikon camera and just about every other camera out there.But in addition to th... Read More »

If you are buying a digital camera is Canon the best bet or can you go with a nikon?

You're going to get a lot of different opinions on this matter, but here is my recommendation. If you are going with an inexpensive camera (a point and shoot). I would definitely go with a canon. I... Read More »

Which is the best AA size recharging battery for digital camera Nikon?

On my nikon d40 it lasts for a long time, when you first got it you should have killed the battery all the way then charged it to the max without unplugging and then your battery should be good.

Which is the best one Sony's cybershot or nikon d100 digital camera?

Canon makes great DSLRs. They have different models for different price ranges, but all take exceptional photographs.