Seed Planting Guide for Kentucky?

Answer Sowing seeds in the state of Kentucky depends on the area of the state in which you live. Not all plants will grow and thrive in all of the areas of the state. The climate in Kentucky is excellent ... Read More »

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Spring Planting Guide?

A successful garden needs soil, water and sunlight, but planting times are crucial to how well the vegetables grow and produce. Cool-weather plants swelter in the heat and quickly go to seed or dro... Read More »

Planting Guide for Chinkapin Chestnuts?

The chinkapin chestnut tree is a hardy, drought-tolerant tree that provides shade and food for wildlife as well as people. The chestnuts have a slightly sweet nutty flavor and should be gathered qu... Read More »

Corn Planting Guide for Georgia?

Since 1970 corn production in Georgia has been on the decline due to dryer conditions. The most common types of corn planted in Georgia are field (or roasting) and sweet corn. The basic difference ... Read More »

Ribes Aureum Planting Guide?

Ribes aureum, or golden currant, is a deciduous shrub of western United States and southeastern Canada. Tolerating winter temperatures below minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit, it grows to 8 feet high. It... Read More »