Seeable Lumens Vs. Lumens?

Answer Light affects people visually and psychologically. The intensity of the light source, and the amount of light hitting an object from a certain distance, characterize the light's brightness.

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Lumens Vs. Wattage?

Lumens and wattage are both units of measurement, the former for light and the latter for electricity. These units of measurement are frequently employed in the description of light bulbs and are ... Read More »

How bright is 200 lumens?

A lumen is a measurement of the total illumination a light source provides. It is measured relative to the distance between the light and the surface it is lighting up. An exact answer will depend ... Read More »

How bright is 10 lumens?

A lumen is equal to one foot-candle (the amount of light from a single candle 1 foot away) falling on an area of 1 square foot, so 10 lumens is equal to 10 times that, or enough for a mini flashlig... Read More »

How many lumens are in a light box?

The intensity of a light box is measured in lux, not lumens. According to The Sunbox Company, light boxes must measure at least 2,500 lux, and most doctors recommend light boxes that measure 10,000... Read More »