See black line when where mascara?

Answer Well, it's really likely that your mascara is either a cheap brand or that it doesn't properly curl your lashes. Try clamping the eye lash curler as close to your roots as possible, then holding fo... Read More »

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Black and clear mascara?

Yes, many people do that to lengthen their lashes before, however, just wait a few secs. for the clear mascara to dry, and go in with the black and wiggle through your lashes! :)

What is better clear mascara or black?

i use black mascara to make my big bold eyes stand out i think that they make you look mystyrious and sexy

Is black mascara too dark for high-school?

Black is not to dark especially because you have dark hair and no they don't have to be the same color i like to wear black mascara with brown eyeliner.

If I play a DVD on my HDTV I get a thin black horizontal line in the picture a few pixels from the top. Connecting my computer you see the line on the top bottom and sides of any video or DVD. Why?

On your TV, you have the ability to change the aspect ratio of the picture. What's happening is that you may have the aspect ratio improperly set so that the DVD's picture doesn't fill the screen, ... Read More »