Sedative while in hospital ?

Answer We can't tell you what you were given. Susan is right about Valium, but it could have been something else, like Ativan, which what I am given.You were given medication to prevent you from having a... Read More »

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How to Get a Bath While in the Hospital?

Receiving a bath while hospitalized is theraputic. Unfortunantly, a bath is a rare occurance because of the hectic pace nurses must work at. The patient (or family member) can learn a few tricks to... Read More »

Can a paternity test be done while the baby is still in the hospital?

A paternity test can be performed on a newborn while in the hospital. A cheek swab can be taken or cord blood can be used for the test. In either option, the baby doesn't need to have blood drawn.S... Read More »

What would you do if you found a patient collapsed on the floor while cleaning in a hospital?

check for responsiveness. If patient is unresponsive, check for pulse. If you found no pulse, call for help and start CPR. If patient is conscious, call for help.

Why is Kate Gosselin's belly wrapped in saran wrap while in the hospital pregnant with the sextuplets?

When you are pregnant with 6 babies, your belly grows very fast.Kate's grew so fast that it felt like a horrible sunburn, so she put medicine on it.They didn't want to get medicine on the sheets, s... Read More »