Security camera help?

Answer That is what's known as a 6 pin mini-din port. Also known as PS/2 portAs far as what the other end is supposed to be, I can't help you without knowing anything about the camera itself. perhaps a c... Read More »

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Camera Help!!! I'm a noob at camera stuff!! HELP!!!!!?

Most cameras can do what you're asking, even the cheapest. But I personally recommend Canon. The feature that you're looking for is "Portrait" mode. It opens the aperture extra wide, enabling th... Read More »

I want a polaroid camera for christmas, I found the camera, but I cant find any film... help!?

How about that!Polaroid went bankrupt and stopped making cameras and film. In December of 2008, the last film was manufactured. At this time any of the film that is still around has expired.If yo... Read More »

Camera Experts..! I need help to choose my first Camera..?

You have asked many questions. Let's just compare cameras first. This tool compares the H200 and the WX150.…Scroll down to compare each to the HX10V.1. CMO... Read More »

Is there a camera that can be a camera and a webcam please help!!?

Most movie cameras and digital cameras these days can be set up as a webcam.Go to 'The Good Guys', they can help you out.