Secrets to Using the Right Hand As a Boxer?

Answer Boxing is a combat sport which limits the legal strikes to standing strikes with the hands. A successful boxer utilizes his hands both offensively and defensively. To properly develop your skills a... Read More »

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How to Wrap a Boxer's Hand?

Boxing is an age-old sport and a great form of exercise. However, to protect the boxer's hands and knuckles from the constant barrage of blows, it is essential to wrap the hands with a boxing wrap.... Read More »

What are the chances of my getting a refund on the Barbara Boxer boxer shorts I bought?

Speaking of semen-stained boxers, The Nolte probably shouldn't have read Kel's answer.

When i touch my hand to the radio antina the voice becomes clear n when i remove my hand its a bit unclear ..?

That's normal. Your body is acting as an antenna making the signal stronger.

When I sleep, I tend to lay on my hand and in the morning, my hand feels uncomfortably numb.........?

oh thats soo easy, lol in fact i do it all of the time. one way you can get rid of it is to not sleep on your arm in the first place, then in the morning it wont have its blood supply cut off and g... Read More »