Second Life?

Answer First, try closing any running processes that are not system processes. Especially anything that accesses the internet, such as file sharing programs. Do you get to the login page? or does it not l... Read More »

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How to Build in Second Life?

Ever wonder how people build incredible in Second Life? Learn step by step how to build well in Second Life.

How to Install Second Life on an Eee PC?

Second Life is a popular virtual world program. Users, known as Residents, interact with each other and perform daily life activities with their avatars. Since it is such a complex program, it requ... Read More »

How do you start at Second Life?

This might be of some help:

How to Become a DJ in Second Life?

There are many jobs in Second Life and many ways to generate lindens (Second Life's virtual currency). Dee-Jaying is considered one of the skilled jobs in the game in that, in addition to an invest... Read More »