Seat used in the front or back for child is called?

Answer You're probably thinking of a booster seat.

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How old does a child have to be to ride in the front seat of a truck when there is a back seat in pennslyvania?

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Can a child safely be held on the lap of her mother in the car Either front or back seat?

What a MORON!! Only an irresponsible imbecile with NO brains would allow their child to ride unbuckled!! Report her to Children's Services IMMEDIATELY!!This is Neglect and child endangerment at it'... Read More »

Why are children safer in the back seat than in the front seat?

yes because the airbag can kill them, or seriously injure them. If they are at least 12 or older, they can sit in the front (in my opnion)

What age can a child ride in a booster seat in the front seat in kansas?