Seasons Color Theory?

Answer In the 1980s, when seasonal color analysis was done to determine what colors were best to wear based on skin, hair and eye color, there were only four seasons---Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. W... Read More »

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How many seasons of The Big Bang Theory are there?

Has the Big Bang Theory TV show gone down in quality with the later seasons?

I think seasons 1-3 were awesome. all were very funny and Sheldon was great. but then season 4 started and i went down hill and now season 5 is continuing the trend. when it was just the 4 guys and... Read More »

What is the three color theory?

The Young-Helmholtz theory, commonly called the three color theory, states that there are three different types of retinal receptors. The receptors are able to combine three colors through individu... Read More »

What is Chromatic Color Theory?

Chromatic color theory states that an organism's ability to perceive different colors is based on the existence of separate physiologic channels for different wavelengths of light. Though a small p... Read More »