Search Warrant Criteria?

Answer The body of law based on the Fourth Amendment has established the requirements for a judge to issue a valid search warrant. When a search warrant is later found invalid by the court, any evidence s... Read More »

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Can California Fish& Game search your home without a search warrant?

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States states that any law enforcement agency, including California Fish and Game, cannot search your premises without a warrant or probable c... Read More »

Is a search order the same as a search warrant as it relates to civil procedures?

In the United Kingdom, there is a civil procedure available to magistrates that is known as a search order which is outlined in Part 25 of the Civil Procedure Rules. The search order is the civil v... Read More »

What is a search warrant?

Courts order search warrants when reasonable cause is presented by law enforcement officials or attorneys representing the government indicating a legal basis for the search. The Fourth Amendment t... Read More »

Can police search your car without a warrant?

A police officer can search the interior of your car without a warrant. This is classified as a Terry search and can be performed when a police officer has sufficient reason to believe that you're ... Read More »