Sealing Wood Windows?

Answer Wood windows are rustic and attractive, yet they have a structural flaw that could cost you a lot of money. The nature of wooden windows means they don't always create an airtight seal and can allo... Read More »

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How long should wood filler dry before sealing?

Wood filler should be dried until the surface appears dull. It takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes for wood filler to dry completely. To test if it's dry, run your finger across the surface. If a ... Read More »

Which caulk is best for sealing windows?

On One Hand: Silicone Caulk is BestAccording to Home Tips, silicone caulk is best at sealing windows because it prevents air leaks for up to 50 years. It also states that any silicone blend caulk w... Read More »

Can you use rubber stamps for sealing letters with sealing wax?

You can use rubber stamps for making impressions in sealing wax. To do so properly, make sure that the wax is hot and press the stamp firmly down onto it. For a clear impression, don't move the sta... Read More »

What is the U-value of wood windows?

The U-value, or U-factor, of a wood window for a standard base case is 0.35. U-factor measures the rate of heat loss exhibited by a window. Since windows are one of the largest possible culprits in... Read More »