Sea water reaction or is it some sort of organism that lives in the sea.?

Answer It sounds as if you've been stung by a jellyfish or by stinging plankton. Put some vinegar on the stings and they will soon stop smarting.If you get any swelling or numbness then see a Dr immediate... Read More »

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What's the term for an organism that lives on or in another?

Parasitism if the organism harms the host.Commensalism if the host isn't harmed but doesn't benefit.

Is it true that beavers carry some sort of disease that a human can get by coming in contact with them?

Giardiasis, the proper medical term for beaver fever, is an disease caused by Giardia lamblia, a one-celled, microscopic parasite protozoa found in stagnant waters where animals, like beavers and m... Read More »

Why is it that some that claim to be SO HAPPY with their lives continuously try to pester others ?

I think they feel the need to be the adoption language police and of course they need to be here to tell adoptees and natural Moms never to search etc etc because they believe secrecy is best for t... Read More »

Trying to remember the name of a cartoon that featured a blue beatle shaped vehicle. I think it had an arm on the front that had some sort of axe attachment?