Screen shot of computer.?

Answer Control-Print Screen.

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How do I get a screen shot with a Mac computer?

Taking a Full Screen ShotPress the "Command," "Shift" and "3" keys simultaneously to take a picture of the entire screen. The picture is saved to the desktop with a time stamp, so it can be easily ... Read More »

How do you take a screen shot of something of the computer?

the button 'PrtScn' captures the whole screen.Alt + PrtScn captures the active windowalternatively if you have fireFox you can download an add on called 'FireShot' Read More »

How do you take a screen shot in your computer?

Press the button called Print Screen and then open a new document in Word and press Control V

What is screen shot of computer ?

It's a picture of your desktop or an individual program. You should see a "Print screen" key on your keyboard. If you press it and open either a word document or a paint session, you can paste th... Read More »