Screen recorder that could record video also!!?

Answer I suggest that you can use which i am using now----total screen video.It could be able to record the video you are playing on your screen.and it has lots of another features is the downloa... Read More »

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Should i buy a ematic 4gb video mp3 player with 2.4 screen camera and video recorder?

yea i just bought it last month .its great,and i dont how to put videos though.and i put music on it but i just got lucky and i dont know how to put music.the mp3 is watch out.the camera... Read More »

What is the best screen recorder to record minecraft without the game lagging as much? Fraps will work fine

Can't record sound on a Jazz z40 video recorder?

Hi Aaron, and welcome to Yahoo!Answers:Hmmm, you spent around $25 for a Jazz brand camcorder and wonder why you're having problems? (If you paid more, you paid too much!) All kidding aside, dependi... Read More »

Cannot record onto the hard drive of my YAMADA recorder via video plus OK from picture being watched?

this sounds like you only have one feed into the system and a single turner.If you recifty this then you will be able to record whilst watching a d ifferent channel.Let me know how you have connect... Read More »