Screen Resolution smaller than 800x600?

Answer I assume it should be 640 x 480 px.You could also use System settings -> Accessibility tools to help your grandpa with better contrast, bigger fonts ...

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It keeps telling me i need 800x600 screen resolution 16bit col. went ot contol /settings no luck any ideas?

When you change the colour depth (8- 16 - 32 bit) it restricts the resolutions you can use - if you set the resolution beyond a certain size it will automatically switch to a lower colour depth. T... Read More »

How do i get my screen resolution to be smaller?

If you go to your desktop and right click, go to properties and you'll see display mode. Click on that then High Color or True Color, then you'll see different resolutions. Hope this helps.

Why is my screen resolution smaller after updating a driver?

Did you gone to "Display Properties" setting?Or try to right click on your desktop, select Properties (winXP) or Personalize (win7) and go to "Display".Set your resolution to a highest resolution t... Read More »

How many people still use 800x600 resolution?

I do at work, even though the computer runs XP and I have a 17" monitor. The logging in/booking/sales program was made in 600 x 800 format and to make the screen resolution larger makes the program... Read More »