Screen Coloring Problem?

Answer It's your monitor, not the computer itself, maybe it's time to invest in getting a new monitor.

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Fly on my screen problem?

Here's what I do.I have a Surefire C3 Centurion flashlight. The thing is about as bright as the sun, and gets nearly as hot.Wherever I see a fly land, I spotlight it with the C3. That blinds the ... Read More »

Is food coloring the same as icing coloring?

Food coloring and icing coloring is not the same thing. Icing coloring is a colored gel that does not water down the frosting and is available in a multitude of shades. Food coloring is water-based... Read More »

Samsung LED TV screen Problem?

The light blinking usually means a fault and your getting power in to monitor/tv etc.It can be a number of things,as already said.The only thing you can do unless your a qualified repair person or ... Read More »

Screen resolution problem?

You need to install the drivers for your graphics card.