Scratch apeared out of no where?

Answer Maybe your nose hit something and got scratched but you didn't know. I don't think it's going to scar. Just try not to touch it. :)

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Who apeared at American idol in 2003?

As of July 18 2008, Brett stated at the concert we went to that Big john was filming portions of the concert for the ROCK OF LOVE 3 BABY!!!!!

The Best Non-Scratch or Scratch-Resistant Eyeglass Lenses?

Eyeglass lenses tend to scratch with use or neglect. A scratched up pair of eyeglasses can compromise vision and be a source of annoyance. Technology has yet to come out with scratch-free, lenses b... Read More »

Can i fix a scratch on a camera lens or is it done for can't see the scratch in photos?

A scratch on the lens will not affect sharpness of pictures, it will introduce a little flare when bright objects are in shot and reduce contrast a tiny bit. You don't say what the camera is, but a... Read More »

How to Fix a Car Scratch?

A car scratch results from purposeful vandalism to your vehicle or from any number of minor accidents that can occur any day. Regardless of a scratch's origin, it can be an eyesore, especially for ... Read More »