Scooter Ignition Problems?

Answer Scooter ignition problems frequently are caused by an interruption in the basic combustion process of the engine. The basic ingredients of ignition include fuel, oxygen and a spark. If one of the i... Read More »

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Problems With Getting No Spark From the Ignition Coil & Ignition Issues?

Certain requirements must be met for an ignition coil to produce the high-voltage spark that fires an engine. Problems associated with meeting these requirements can be as simple as a corroded wire... Read More »

How to Get Help for Gas Scooter Problems?

Gas scooters are one- or two-person cycles that typically have one or two storage bins mounted on the rear. Gas scooters are very economical, with prices starting as low as $400 and average gas mil... Read More »

Electric Starter Problems With a Gas Scooter?

An electric scooter needs fuel, spark and cylinder compression to run. Check your scooter's fuel tank by opening the gas cap and looking inside. The problem may lie with an incorrect gas gauge disp... Read More »

Scooter Starter Relay Problems?

Buying a scooter is one of the best ways to save money on gas without giving up mobility. With proper care and maintenance, a quality scooter can provide years of trouble-free service. It is critic... Read More »