Scooter Carb Adjustments?

Answer The carburetor serves a critical part of the fuel-air mixture that provides engine combustion in your scooter. So understanding how to adjust your scooter makes it easier to keep your vehicle runni... Read More »

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How to Set the Carb on a Scooter?

Carburetors are responsible for guaranteeing the fuel/air mixture in a scooter engine occurs correctly. Combustion engines require this mixture to be able to operate. Once the mixture is compressed... Read More »

General Throttle Cable Adjustments on a Motor Scooter?

Almost all motorized scooters use some kind of a metal cable to actuate the throttle on the engine. As the cable is pulled, more fuel flows through the system, accelerating the engine. Over time, h... Read More »

5hp briggs carb on gas tank only runs with hand covering the carb?

I had a similar problem with a power washer. I did the same things you did. I bought a can of Carb cleaner, the kind where you can put a tube into the spray nozzle. I found a very small hole, (s... Read More »

My Nikki carb, on a mower, floods engine at wide open, through the diffuser tube. All holes in carb are open.?

The carburetor needs to be taken apart and cleaned by soaking in a cleaning solvent.