Scoliosis treatment options?

Answer Dom not take that from a Dr, get a second opinion, was this said by a specialist?Any curve under 10 degrees is considered normal and probably isn't monitored.Curves from 10-25 degrees are mild but ... Read More »

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How can scoliosis get better with out treatment?

How did they check you? Did they use an x-ray and meausre the Cobb angle, or did they use a clinical method such as an inclinometer. The Cobb method is the standard method and has been shown to b... Read More »

What to do when scoliosis is getting worse after treatment?

Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine curves to one side or another. Observation is the first choice of treatment for those with small degrees of curves. This group includes those with "modes... Read More »

What is the treatment for juvenile thoracic scoliosis?

Juvenile thoracic scoliosis affects the thoracic vertebrae, which comprise the middle part of the spine between the neck and lower back. This is one of three areas typically affected by scoliosis, ... Read More »

Dog Dandruff Treatment Options?

Dogs can develop a number of grooming and health problems, one of which is dandruff. Dandruff is little more than dry skin that flakes off and falls into a dog's coat. To fix your dog's dandruff it... Read More »