Scientific name of a cactus?

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What is the scientific name for cactus?

There are many different names for the many different types of cactuses. The saguaro's scientific name is Carnegiea gigantica. The scientific name for the jumping cholla is Cylindropuntia fulgida.... Read More »

Can someone please tell me the name of this house cactus plant?

It looks like a type of Haworthia.Possibly haworthia attenuata, or haworthia fasciata .…

What is this cactus Is it even a cactus?

I have the exact same succulent in my collection and it is not brown because of tap water, this is its natural color. The amount of brown may vary depending on the amount of sunlight (direct or ind... Read More »

Scientific name for sea sponges?

Different types of sea sponges, multicellular invertebrates that use their pores to gather food and oxygen, feature contrasting scientific names. For example, the tube sponge, which has purple, blu... Read More »