Scientific Uses of Prisms?

Answer Prisms refract, or bend light, as the light passes through them. Prisms are transparent optical elements, and all the exterior surfaces are polished. They are integral parts of many commercial pro... Read More »

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How have the uses of scientific developments may be different in different cultures?

In my opinion absolutely not. There are too many great features and amazing things you can do with it for me to explain to you on this website. I suggest to ask a friend that has the iphone if you ... Read More »

How to Put Crystal Prisms on Leather?

The gleam of crystal prisms as they catch the sunlight can be captivating, as little flashes of light reflect upon the surfaces around them. Adding crystal prisms to leather can spice up a belt, ja... Read More »

How do prisms in glasses work?

Prisms may be used in glasses for a variety of reasons. Prisms can be used to correct muscle imbalances, fix double vision or help people who have lost their peripheral vision.Prism FunctionPrisms ... Read More »