Scientific Projects on the Earth's Surface?

Answer The earth's surface is where we stand every day. There are many aspects of the earth's surface that you can use in your classroom as science projects. Use earth surface projects in your earth scien... Read More »

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How many baked beans would it take to cover earths surface?

ok i worked it out (rough estimate)radius of earth = 6378.l km (6,378,100 meters)surface area of earth = 4*pi*radius^2 = 5.109 *10^14 square meters2 beans = 1 square centimeterso, the number of bea... Read More »

Surface Tension Science Projects?

Surface tension is caused by the cohesive and adhesive properties of water and other liquids, which allow them to resist other forces. Surface tension makes it possible for water to form droplets, ... Read More »

How to Use the Scientific Process in Third Grade Projects?

A systematic process, or the scientific method, is used to explain a phenomenon or a problem. It starts with formulating a problem and ends when a conclusion is drawn. There are six basic steps to ... Read More »

Scientific Process for Science Projects?

An effective way to demonstrate the scientific process is by using the time-honored scientific method. Thought to have begun with ancient Greek scientists such as Aristotle, Archimedes and Pythagor... Read More »