Scientific Inquiry Method Experiments?

Answer While "science" in ancient times referred to the general pursuit of knowledge, in the modern day it has taken on a more specific meaning: gathering knowledge through the empirical process of the sc... Read More »

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How to Use the Scientific Method to Write Up Biology Experiments?

Advanced research scientists begin any research project following an experimental design process called the Scientific Method. It is four-step process that requires thought, research and proper pla... Read More »

Scientific Methods of Research Inquiry?

Scientific research is guided by a standard set of steps called the scientific method. The steps can be remembered by the acronym HEAR: hypothesis, experiment, analysis, results. Within the experim... Read More »

Difference Between Theory & Scientific Inquiry?

In research, there are several terms that describe the mode or route you are outlining for your argument. Two central ways to outline your argument are through a theory or through scientific inquir... Read More »

How to Use Questions to Foster Scientific Inquiry?

Questions are the basis of scientific inquiry. Teachers who understand the nature of science don't hand answers to their students, they teach them how to ask probing questions and, just as importan... Read More »