Science Vs. Religion Topics?

Answer The struggle between science and religion has been a major part of human history for hundreds of years. In modern times the two disciplines have sometimes been able to find common ground, but funda... Read More »

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Religion Topics for Research Papers?

Religion is a constant in human civilization and has affected and shaped many areas of life, such as society, school and government. Religion often deals with a host of ethical problems and dilemma... Read More »

Is science at odds with religion&philosophy?

On One Hand: The Two Disciplines Are Very Different.Science bases its principles on testing hypotheses and documenting verified facts. Religion, on the other hand, requires faith to function--a be... Read More »

Projects on Science & Religion in Schools?

Rod Paige, who served as the United States Secretary of Education from 2001 to 2005, said about prayer in public school that the Constitution allows for two things: for students to pray how they se... Read More »

Activities on Relating Science & Religion for School Age Kids?

The debate regarding science versus religion is a heated one that may never be resolved. While science involves the presentation of fact, religion is based on faith and the foundations of these two... Read More »