Science & Social Studies Activities?

Answer Teaching classes such as science and social studies can sometimes become rote and seem routine. Add a little variety to your lesson plan by including a few interactive activities. It can make the i... Read More »

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First Day of School Activities for Political Science and Social Studies?

The first day of a new school year can be daunting for students and educators alike, particularly when a teacher is trying to introduce social concepts and political theories. At any level of educa... Read More »

Art Activities for Social Studies?

Social studies teaches children about various cultures and their impact on society. Social studies may focus on cultures within the United States or around the world. Combining art activities with ... Read More »

Ideas for Social Studies and Science Projects?

Social studies and science projects can be required at any grade level from kindergarten through Grade12. The complexity of the project depends on the age and ability of the student. Some aspects o... Read More »

Free Social Studies Art Activities?

Integrating art activities into the social studies curriculum adds hands-on and interactive reinforcement to the concept students are learning. Many children are physical and visual learners and in... Read More »