Science Projects with an Onion?

Answer Just as there are many layers to an onion, so there are several very different science projects that can revolve around this versatile vegetable. Onions release a chemical that makes humans cry, bu... Read More »

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Science Projects With Straws?

Regular plastic drinking straws can provide endless tutorials in the principles of physics. While most projects with straws somehow involve water or balloons, the lessons illustrate the power and p... Read More »

Science Projects With a Bouncing Egg?

Creating a bouncing egg is simple and lots of fun. Students can watch as the shell of an egg is dissolved, making a pliable, bouncy egg. Science projects using bouncing eggs come in different forms... Read More »

Science Projects with an Egg & Saltwater?

Three items found in many households, eggs, sugar and salt, make for an easy-to-do science project. These ingredients can teach anyone about water density.

Science Projects With Microphones?

Science projects are a great way to get kids excited about the material that they are learning in class. Projects allow the students to apply what they have learned. Microphones, in particular, are... Read More »