Science Projects on the Sounds That Instruments Make?

Answer Instruments make sounds by creating vibrations that you hear. Sound causes air molecules to bump into other air molecules. These sound waves are made with the different pressures and densities, whi... Read More »

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Science Projects That Make Pitches?

If you enjoy music, you may be interested in creating a science project that is based on scientific musical concepts like sound waves, pitch, frequency and vibration. You can create homemade musica... Read More »

Science Projects That Teach How to Make Ooze?

Ooze, slime, goop and flubber are all names for the gooey substance produced in science classes to teach students about the properties of solids, liquids and what is in between. Round up your class... Read More »

How to Make Weather Instruments as a Science Project?

School science projects--like all other research--consist of a question, methods and results. Students should choose questions that they can test and analyze with attainable resources. Weather is a... Read More »

Science Fair Projects That Have Dependent Variables That Can Be Measured?

When you complete a science fair experiment, you use both independent and dependent variables. While an independent variable is under your control, the dependent variable is that which changes as a... Read More »